Friday, March 22, 2013

Witnessing - From Theory to Practice

These past few weeks our congregation has been studying an evangelism course.  We have dedicated time to learning some basic passages and how to present them to others in a witnessing opportunity.  Now that we can all recite the verses, we have begun practicing witnessing in the Bible class. 

Each person takes a turn practicing the presentation.  In the meantime, everyone else has a chance to listen to the presentation.  We all get to review the presentation while observing the different techniques each person uses to present all the verses.  After each presentation, we encourage each other to go out and witness to other people.

These "practice" sessions have given all the members more confidence to do more witnessing to others about their faith.  The desire is to be faithful in speaking to others about the Savior, to share with them the joy of forgiveness and the hope of eternal life in heaven.

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